Risks from Lawn Care Pesticides


Pesticides are intentionally toxic substances. Some chemicals commonly used on lawns and gardens have been associated with birth defects, mutations, adverse reproductive effects, and cancer in laboratory animals. EPA permits over 200 different pesticides to be used for lawn care, and these are often mixed together and sold as chemical combinations. Approximately 35 pesticides are […]

Harmful Chemicals In Your Garden Hose


It is not safe to drink from a garden hose. Many garden hoses are made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that often uses lead as a stabilizer. The brass fitting on the ends of the hose are also likely to contain lead.  And water left standing in the hose can absorb worrisome amounts of lead and […]

Cancer-Causing Products In The Average Home


Cancer remains to be at the top of the list of the most common causes of fatalities. This fatal disease can affect anyone. Could you be using, or even consuming, cancer-causing chemicals? And there are everyday items that increase the risk of cancer. These products contain a wide-range of carcinogenic and other toxic ingredients and […]

F.U. G.M.O.


In 2010, October was declared Non-GMO Awareness Month by the Non-GMO Project, and this year, from October 1st through October 16, protesters will march through several cities across the northeast, stopping at key points along the way to hold local rallies with guest speakers. Their goal? To convince the U.S. government to listen to the […]