About Organic Slant

Organic Slant started out as an idea. What first started as a collection of newspaper articles is now a website. Organic Slant is a resource guide to organic living in a conventional world. The purpose of this website is to inform anyone who is willing to look at our modern world with an open mind with an Organic Slant. Every aspect of our lives influences not only our bodies, but the earth as well.

My interest is the conventional products we use and consume. Consumers buy the cheapest products because they feel it’s affordable, but remember it might not be what’s best for you.

For example, the food that was produced only decades ago did not contain the artificial flavoring or coloring, chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners, irradiation, and routine use of anti-biotics and growth hormones. The wood we build with is preserved with heavy metals, and the water we drink contains the drugs that aim to cure our ailments.

I believe there is an organic version to most of the things we do.

A way to produce and live that does not promote an environment that leads to contaminate and degrade natural resources; from which we get our sustenance and lessen the chances of mutations in our gene pool. These mutations contribute to cancer and disease.