Must See Food Documentaries


There are dozens of documentaries about food out there. Here are some must see food documentaries that will Challenge Conventional Culuture. Modern Frankenfood may not be healthy for us or for our environment. Fed Up blows the lid off everything we thought we knew about food and exercise, revealing a 30-year campaign by the food industry […]

Seed Matters: Cartoon About An Organic Seed With a Dirty Mouth


The fact that today, most seeds that grow our food are bred by agrochemical companies to be chemically dependent is totally @#$%’d up. To try and shed some light on an alternative method of growing our food stuffs, we partnered with our new friends The Butler Bros and the Clif Bar Family Foundation to create […]

14-Year Old Anti-GMO Activist Agitates Monsanto Schill, Kevin O’Leary


 A 14-year GMO activist responds to Kevin O’Leary after he claims Monsanto is a hero. Kevin O’leary was recently challenged by a 14 year old GMO activist, Rachel Parent. She is the founder of She would like an opportunity to speak with him on the CBC show “The Lang and O’leary Exchange”. Kevin O’Leary […]

F.U. G.M.O.


In 2010, October was declared Non-GMO Awareness Month by the Non-GMO Project, and this year, from October 1st through October 16, protesters will march through several cities across the northeast, stopping at key points along the way to hold local rallies with guest speakers. Their goal? To convince the U.S. government to listen to the […]