Fukushima Radiation Is Constantly Increasing, And Is Steadily Building Up In Our Food Chain


Cesium-134, the fingerprint of seaborne radiation from the nuclear disaster at Fukushima in Japan, has been detected on the West Coast of the United States for the first time, as well as in Canadian salmon. Seaborne radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster has been detected in seawater samples taken from Tillamook Bay and Gold Beach […]

Continuous Leaking Of Radioactive Strontium, Cesium From Fukushima To the Ocean


Scientists from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) investigated the levels of radioactive strontium and cesium in the coast off Japan in September 2013. Radioactive levels in seawater were 10 to 100 times higher than before the nuclear accident, particularly near the facility, suggesting that water containing strontium and cesium isotopes was still leaking into […]

Fukushima Fish Tests 2,500 Times Over Legal Radiation Limit


Two years after the disaster at the Fukushima Daichi nuclear plant in Japan — called the “worst accidental release of radiation to the ocean in history” — a fish with staggering levels of radiation has reportedly been found in the vicinity of the plant. A fish caught as part of an ongoing Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) seafood monitoring […]

Is TEPCO Involved In Fukushima Cover-Up?


Is TEPCO involved in Fukushima cover-up? It is bad enough to have a radiological contamination effect from Fukushima impacting the world food supply. But to have the very company in charge of getting the meltdowns under control to alter pictures of the reactor reeks of cover-up. Definition of cover-up from Merriam-Webster: cover-up (cov•er-up) noun | […]