Subtle Mutations | Fukushima

subtle-mutations-fukushimaSubtle changes are happening to our genome with increasing genetic mutations, and the danger from Fukuhima to Japan and the world has not passed, it has just begun.

For millennials, life on earth has been evolving through natural forces. It’s not that Fukushima has started this change, it’s just the contamination has pushed our DNA over the edge.

An extremely rare phenomenon, conjoined twins are identical twins joined in utero. The more generally accepted theory is fission, in which the fertilized egg splits partially.

The fruit primordium (embryonic growing point of plants) can be damaged or altered by environmental factors and cause strange growth forms.

Some strange fruit and veggies reportedly have turned up in villages surrounding Japan’s stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Radiation damages and causes the DNA to mutate and the results are not unlike cancer in humans.

The effects of low dose internal irradiation causes subtle changes in the genome that result in an increase in the general mutation rate.

It seems to be true for all species, for plants and animals and humans, it has profound implications.

If the specific body system uptakes a source that’s foreign to it, the structure, the DNA Chain is damaged and if broken often enough it dies!

The effects of genomic instability are apparent in the evidence of massive harm to the organs and systems of living creatures at low doses of internal exposure, resulting in a kind of radiation ageing associated with random mutations in all cells.

The pressure to remain silent about the health consequences of Fukushima, will lead to a health catastrophe in decades to come.

Something strange is clearly happening, and it’s not the politicians, scientists and doctors talking about it. It’s the fruits and animals that are trying to warn us, but we are not listening. we have closed our eyes to the symptoms of these mutations.

Nuclear technology has been with us for only since 1942. It makes no sense to rely on a technology that if it goes wrong, we can lose everything. If we continue to pursue this dangerous technology, we and our descendants will be history.

DNA has a Specific Written Code that when tampered with or rewritten can destroy both those already living and those yet to be born.

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