Hidden Hazards Found In Green Products


A University of Melbourne researcher has found that common consumer products, including those marketed as ‘green’, ‘all-natural’, ‘non-toxic’, and ‘organic’, emit a range of compounds that could harm human health and air quality. But most of these ingredients are not disclosed to the public. Dr. Anne Steinemann, Professor of Civil Engineering, and the Chair of […]

Safer Alternatives to Conventional Hair Color


Studies have shown that beauticians who are regularly exposed to hair dyes have an elevated risk of bladder cancer. Coal-tar derivatives are included in a vast majority of commercial hair-darkening products. The US government doesn’t do much to regulate hair dyes, although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does warn that several coal-tar ingredients are […]

Study Finds Major Toxins In Many Cosmetics


You won’t find lead or arsenic on the ingredients list of your favorite lip gloss or eyeliner, but a Toronto-based environmental group has tested dozens of cosmetics products commonly used by Canadian women and found virtually all of them were contaminated with heavy metals. Environmental Defence released a study Monday that shows Canadian consumers can’t […]