Hairdressers Exposed To Carcinogenic Substances


A new study suggests hairdressers are exposed to substances that can cause bladder cancer. Over recent years, there have been a number of reports suggesting that aromatic amines, carcinogenic compounds that can cause bladder cancer, may be present as contaminants in certain hair dyes. In the study from Lund University in Sweden, researchers have investigated […]

Flame Retardants: Human Hair And Nails Can Tell Toxic Secrets


Chemicals used as flame retardants that are potentially harmful to humans are found in hair, toenails and fingernails, according to new research from Indiana University. The discovery of an easily available biomarker should ease the way for further research to determine the human impact of chemicals commonly found in the environment, including in indoor dust, […]

Safer Alternatives to Conventional Hair Color


Studies have shown that beauticians who are regularly exposed to hair dyes have an elevated risk of bladder cancer. Coal-tar derivatives are included in a vast majority of commercial hair-darkening products. The US government doesn’t do much to regulate hair dyes, although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does warn that several coal-tar ingredients are […]