Help Mothers In Fukushima Start A Health Clinic Next To The Radiation Lab


The mothers of Fukushima need the support of people from all over Japan and around the world to make the Mothers’ Radiation Lab & Clinic Fukushima a reality. Help in any way you can. The children of Fukushima are still exposed to the invisible threat of radiation. We are now urgently working to start up […]

Fish-Flavored Cat Food Could Contribute To Feline Hyperthyroidism


Over the past three decades, the number of cats diagnosed with hyperthyroidism has increased. According to research reports, many factors such as exposure to flame retardants could be responsible, and now a new study in ACS’ journal¬†Environmental Science & Technology¬†points in another direction. It suggests that fish-flavored cat food could be among the culprits. Hyperthyroidism […]