The Mystery Of Water – What We Know Is A Drop


Had you ever thought how serious a factor the drinking water is? Did you ever consider how fundamental is the quality of water? Here is a new look at H2O which is really surprising. Not only Masaru Emoto’s experiments are a breakthrough. The whole way it is studied now is far different than before. Conventional […]

18 Million Americans Get Water From Systems Tainted With Lead


More than 18 million Americans got their drinking water from systems with lead violations in 2015, according to a groundbreaking Natural Resources Defense Council report. The problem could be significantly more pervasive because many more water systems known to have such violations — including that in Flint, Michigan — do not even show up as […]

Fukushima City Government Sells Bottled Fukushima Tapwater


In order to dispel harmful rumor, Fukushima city government is selling bottled tapwater at conference or events held in the city. (100 yen for 500ml) Fukushima City Waterworks Bureau has embarked on a PR safety. ‘Safe and delicious’ a bottle of tap water in Fukushima. They started selling it in 2008, but renewed the label last year […]