Fukushima Effects On Pacific Ocean Sea Food 2011 – FOREVER


If you eat sea food contaminated with man made radiation what does it mean? How much is too much? How little is to much?

You don’t want to eat seafood from the Pacific, there are other oceans. But, they may not be safe either. Look at the radioactive fallout.

There are so many things on the plate, so many important issues you would assume. But if you go down the nuclear rabbit hole, if you dare wander down that direction. If you dare form a thought they told you not to think.

So what are the so-called experts saying?

There’s more radiation in potato chips than fish around Fukushima plant…so of course there’s nothing to fear on West Coast.

Fukushima is the world’s permanent headache…

It will be bleeding into Pacific for the next 100 years…

Greatest nuclear contamination of the ocean in history….



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