Chipotle’s ‘Farmed and Dangerous’ comedy series criticizes industrial farming practices


Farmed and Dangerous is a satirical film, an original comedy series produced by Chipotle Mexican Grill that explores the outrageously twisted and utterly unsustainable world of industrial agriculture.

The show tells the story of an idealistic boy who falls for a girl whose father, Mr. Marshall, works for farmers planning to raise cows on petroleum pellets, a move meant to increase the food supply by lowering costs.

It’s fictional humor based on a version of facts. In the first episode, a cow explodes from being fed too many petroleum pellets.

PetroPellet, Animoil’s newly engineered product promises to increase food supply while decreasing dependence on foreign oil. But before the champagne is uncorked, a viral video sends Animoil and the Industrial Food Image Bureau into damage control mode.

At the start of the series, a cow feeding on the pellets explodes. Later episodes begin with snippets of text on issues like the use of antibiotics in meat and food libel laws that make it easier for companies to sue their critics.

In September, the food maker launched a marketing campaign including a short animated film called The Scarecrow. The cartoon criticized processed foods and factory farming. Now, the company is making an even bigger production—a four-part series called Farmed and Dangerous, which will critique industrial farming much in the same way The Scarecrow did.

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