Dino Pet Is A Living Toy That Glows In The Dark


What is the Dino Pet? The Dino Pet is a living, interactive ‘pet’ that photosynthesizes during the day and glows brilliantly when you play with it at night. The alluring blue glow emitted by the Dino Pet is bioluminescence, made from microscopic sea life called dinoflagellates. By using sunlight, water and nutrients, instead of batteries […]

Documentary Tells Tale Of Most Radioactive Man In Japan


The town of Tomioka (population 16,000) is well within the designated danger zone and was evacuated on March 12. To this day it remains a ghost town, save for one man: Naoto Matsumura, a fifth generation rice farmer in his early 50s. On March 11, 2011 an earthquake and tsunami resulted in multiple meltdowns at Fukushima […]