The Danger of Scentsy Candles


Are Scentsy bars and bricks safe and good for the environment because the scents are from 100% natural fragrances?

Scentsy is a typical wax melt (tart or wickless candle) that you put in a Scentsy warmer (heated by a little bulb). They also have plug in gizmos which are like Glade Plug Ins and the plug in devices from Bath & Body Works.

There are other wickless candles on the market so why have I singled out Scentsy?”Well because of the claims on their site.  Most Scentsy reps are actually unaware of what is in the products they are selling.  Talking to a Scentsy rep you will most likely hear “Scentsy bars and bricks are safe and good for the environment because the scents are from 100% natural fragrances.” They are really passionate and truly believe that what they are selling is truly wholesome. Of course there is no such thing as an all-natural oil scented like birthday cake, blueberry cheesecake, or “Central Park Pralines.” It’s just not possible.

Some facts about Scentsy based on their website & literature. 

*Scentsy products are petrochemicals. When you burn Scentsy, you are buying a product made from crude oil.  To be more specific, paraffin wax is a bi-product of the refining process to make gasoline. Scentsy calls this a food grade paraffin, but it is still a crude oil product and is the same stuff used as a bottle and jar sealant when making preserves.

*The Scentsy site claims that the warmers do not burn wax so that there aren’t any nasties released into the air.   They neglect to mention that you can still inhale what is released from their product.  According to  Journal of the American Oil Chemists’ Society, burning paraffin can contain formaldehyde. So, yes, your Scentsy product may not produce soot, however, formaldehyde may be released into the air when your wax is melted. Your walls and furniture may not have the stains from soot, but your body may be breathing in toxic chemicals.

*They also say something else highly questionable. They make the statement that vegetable waxes cannot produce a good product.   There are hundreds of beeswax and soy companies out there making great products!

*Their website also states that they use 15-18% fragrance oil in their products. In another words, Scentsy is adding higher concentrations of artificial fragrance to each product. This means that you are facing a greater health risk then burning a “non Scentsy” scented candle. Using 15-18% fragrance oil is actually quite extreme.  It is crucial to mention that they use ARTIFICIAL fragrance oils, which are linked to asthma, cancer, and more.  (for more information on this link between airborne toxins and chronic health issues go to and enter “danger of airborne toxins” into the search engine)

*Scentsy boasts that they use fragrance oils without phthalates, but your typical “fragrance oil” may contain over 100 different chemical compounds such as amines, ethers, ketones, lactones, terpenes and thiones. Many also contain benzene derivatives, aldehydes, and other toxins shown to cause cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders, neurological disorders, and allergic reactions. These compounds also get into the air and can have grave effects on the ecosystem.  Notice that they do not mention their oils are free of other toxic chemicals.

INGREDIENTS: (directly quoted from Scentsy website)
“A secret combination of ingredients is used to create a pool of melted wax, which is transformed into a wickless candle bar. Scentsy uses a food-grade petroleum based wax.”

In other words, they’re not going to tell you what’s in there – the ingredient list is secret. What this melts down to is whether or not you trust a company with your life and the life of everyone living in your household. When you buy a product, you place a vote with your dollars to let that company know that you don’t need to know what they put in their products, whatever is in there is okay with you, you’d rather remain in the dark. Consumers who buy products without full disclosure typically fall under the “ignorance is bliss” category because they would rather not have to think about ingredients or possible consequences.

So, Scentsy is no different that any standard paraffin wax melt, just priced higher than most of them. Surely you do not want to make your home smell nice with toxin laden products that will damage the health of your family AND your pets? Many people choose to give candles and perfumes as gifts to our loved ones, so be sure to know what is in them.

Does Scentsy contain phthalates (certain chemicals known to cause endocrine [hormone] problems)? No. Although, this only rules out one category of toxins as the ingredient “fragrance” can hide many, many ingredients under that single term without disclosure, some of which may be toxic or unsafe. Since Scentsy (and many other companies) refuse to openly disclose their actual ingredients, it is IMPOSSIBLE for any consumer to make an educated decision about the safety of their use.

Beware: Some candle companies avoid the phthalate question. Some companies, like Gold Canyon Candles, are tricky with wording by saying they “do not use phthalates which are known to cause problems” – notice the wording to avoid answering the question – they won’t say they do not use ANY phthalates. This is a red flag.

On top of the “secret combination of ingredients” used to synthetically fragrance (read: chemicals created in a lab to make an artificial scent), they admit to using petroleum wax. Petroleum is also what is used to make gasoline. It is not an eco-friendly product in getting to the resource (think about the Gulf BP drilling mess), manufacturing (it pollutes tons of water and creates huge messes to refine it into petroleum from crude oil), or disposal. Although they claim on their website that they were unable to find a vegetable based wax that held their scents, many other companies have proven it can be done and it can be done well! There are plenty of soy and palm wax candle companies whose waxes hold essential oils perfectly for long periods of time. Perhaps the problem is not the vegetable wax, perhaps the problem is the cocktail of chemicals being used for fragrance? Just a thought.


(directly quoted from the Scentsy company website)
Scentsy Warmers only warm the scent out of the wax – the wax remains in the warmer, thus there is no danger of chemicals being released into the home.”

No danger of chemicals being released? Really? Fragrance oils are made from chemicals created in a lab. The fragrance oil is completely released until the wax is unscented. Obviously, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you are inhaling chemicals from the fragrance and CHEMICALS ARE BEING RELEASED INTO YOUR HOME AND BODY.

Exploding Warmers

YouTuber mychie35 said this about her Scentsy warmer:

“My once pride and joy of my collection exploded when I turned it on. BE WARNED – Flames were far reaching and could be a major fire hazard. this Video includes the exact model footage of the Scensy Wax Warmer that exploded. This was my ONLY Scentsy Warmer I owned and I paid the most for this – all others a different brand, or I would get rid of those.”

Since being uploaded February 18, 2012, it seems comments suggest that this exploding warmer in NOT a single event. They are referred to as ‘ticking time bombs ready to explode and burn a house down’.

Buyer Beware


Made in China. Need I say more about the same people that brought you melamine in adulterated milk, lead in hundreds of thousands of toys and organic food. Like I said, need I say more. Made in China

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)From Scentsy website : Where are Scentsy products made? Scentsy’s wickless candles and home-fragrance products are made in Scentsy’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Meridian, Idaho. Our ceramic warmers are designed by Scentsy and made to our exact specifications by our manufacturing partner in China.

The toxic chemicals released by air fresheners –particularly those with pine, orange and lemon scents – are known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These are well-proven toxins, many of which have been linked to a range of diseases and conditions when being inhaled even in low concentrations over a long period of time.

Some of these chemicals include benzene, petroleum-derived chemical, which causes cancer in animals and has been linked to leukemia; xylene, which has been linked to nausea and sick building syndrome, as well as liver and kidney damage;phenol, which can cause kidney, respiratory, neurological and skin problems; naphthalene, a suspected carcinogen, which has been linked to blood, kidney and liver problems; and formaldehyde, a colorless, unstable gas. Inhaling formaldehyde fumes in even small amounts can cause coughing, a sore throat, and respiratory and eye problems. Formaldehyde has been linked to cancer, particularly in the nasal cavity.

The Indoor Fatigue Plague

Indoor air quality can be up to five times worse than outdoor air, which can have a very detrimental impact on your health. Why add to ANY MORE contaminants in the home that attributes to asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems.

Choosing to ignore the mountains of documented information from a wide variety of credible scientific sources that synthetic chemicals in any form, candles, air fresheners, hair spray, etc does nothing but put yourself, your family and the people you relay this misinformation to, in harms way. One such credible source is Dr Joseph Mercola and this is one of MANY articles all scientifically referenced that he has posted on his site.
https:// articles.mercola .com/sites/ articles/ archive/2011/12/ 26/ how-to-purify-th e-air-in-your-h ome.aspx?np=tru e
Exerpt from this article:
“Switch to non-toxic cleaning products (such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar) and safer personal care products. Avoid aerosols. Look for VOC-free cleaners. Avoid commercial air fresheners and scented candles, which can degass literally thousands of different chemicals into your breathing space.”

So what other options do you have?

1)  NON-GMO soy tart or candle is one option.  (only non-GMO or else it’s just as bad asbreathing in paraffin)

2)  Beeswax. It has a natural light honey aroma, burns clean, and can actually HELP your health! Beeswax emits negative ions into the air and can help rid your home of toxins.

Did you know that 66 percent of the chemicals found in everyday products haven’t been tested at all? According to the Environmental Working Group, …

Any of the above options are a MUCH better choice than dumping toxins into the air of your home!  Avoiding ALL synthetics and synthetic fragrances for humans and animals – no matter what the product.  Inhaling something synthetic (even a fragrance) – can indeed be just as significant as ingesting it.

YOU have control over your home air quality! Make wise choices and avoid producing or aggravating health challenges!

The dangers of ALL synthetic fragrances is hitting mainstream news. Watch this very informative interview on Fox news recently that really summarizes this topic well. https:// m/v/ 2096039187001/

Final Decision

Air is a necessity; fragrance is not and can actually be harmful to some. Also, Scentsy operates under the self-regualted fragrance industry. The claims they make regarding safety are questionable simply because there are no outside-of-the-industry safety regulations for fragrances.

Scentsy does not have ingredients posted anywhere on their website or product packaging. Why? They have much to hide!

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  • DoYouSprinkleDotCom

    Uhhhhmmmmm….NOT true! It does get hot! In no way is the wax cool to the touch, and if it is, your warmer is defective or your bulb is burnt out. Check out your warmer first and your own bulb next if you still come up with the same findings.

    • Rida May

      Actually some wax I have felt are cool to the touch. I feel heat from the warmer itself. The bulb is barely hot-not warm- considering I can unscrew it after it has been on a full 30 days and tightly wrap my hands around it.

    • disqus_x4yP0F1Fcd

      It is not hot go stick ur finger in it! It actually hardens to ur finger quickly. I left mine on lift it n forgot it was on n spilt on my bare skin. Nothing no burns etc. Its warms to a bit above human body temp.

    • Marie

      The second warmer that was burned is not using a scents bulb it is a much bigger one which means it is a higher wattage

      • Tammy

        If something says do NOT Injest on it label! Why would you think it ok to breathe in and considering our skin is a organ I’m guessing they are going Inside. Some people lack common sense and want to argue over a nice smelling house than the health of themselves. i also enjoyed them until I did research on just how TOXIC they are. Thank you for educating people

  • DoYouSprinkleDotCom

    Because those essential oils that are sold are 100% natural oils derived directly from a plant source or othe naural source. They are not synthetic oils which are actually used in a majority of scented waxes because either a natural version of the oil is too expensive because the item it is taken from is rare or it is a very extensive process to obtain a small quantity from a natural source, or they are not able to be taken from a natural source. Yes, several scents in waxes are actually a 100% natural oil source, but I assure you that a majority are not. If a synthetic stand-in were not used, I can tell you that most of us would not be able to afford some of those waxes.

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  • Travis

    Wow, how in the hell did you keep yourself alive in this most terrible and dangerous world you stupid sack of shit….. Like holy fu**in wow! You might as well do yourself and the entire world a favour and seal yourself in a barometric chamber with a life time supply of food and ZERO internet access so you can live your horrible terrifying life alone and not spread any of this useless/ unjustified/ literal uneducated bullshit propaganda to real life people. Like seriously, go fuck your self, trying to scare people into thinking paraffin wax is so hazardous it should be paired up with sarin gas or chlorine gas…. Just wow… I’m sick and fucking tired of you stupid half brained human beings with nothing better to do than read one false thing on the internet then make it your life’s mission to go around and try to scare people half to death with all this nazi propaganda and ZERO actual factual information to back it up. Honestly, I hope you and your next ten generations of family members get the worst kind of cancer just to spite you and your ignorant views on a fucking wax air freshener…. Die aleeady

  • Travis

    Oh, and just in case you haven’t already died from just sheer terror (that would be amazing) of just having to interact with real people and objects around you, here’s a tif bit of information to hopefully push you over the edge in sheer terror. Because you blindly have just denounced something so literally harmless but useful to man kind. From now on you are no longer allowed to watch any sort of satellite TV seeing as how paraffin wax is used to help lubricate and launch satellites. No more gps for you, no more skiing, snowboarding, surfing. Absolutely no more eating cheese or covering up leftovers. No more shooting bullets ( although mind you, you would probably have a terror heart attack just even seeing a bullet and not even a gun with it). No more skateboarding. No more of countless and countless things that you come into contact everyday or else it’s nothing but straight cancer for you and your stupid fucking family…. A simple WAX that has been proven to be completely safe and incredibly useful to the whole of society was just put up on a pedestal like it was a school shooting serial killer. By some fucking moron human being that has less sense then brain matter. Just to set shit straight, I’m not an employee or anything of some “paraffin manufacturer” or anything. I just get so upset right to the atomic level about no brain fucking regards who dedicate their lives to try and scare people about an absolutely useless subject just to be out there in the media too be noticed. Like I said, die the slowest, most painful death imagined by man kind, hopefully it’s having pariffin wax being shoved into every orrifice of your body until you explode

  • 613Civilian

    Good thing it isn’t meant to be eaten, right?

  • 613Civilian

    You formaldehyde argument is null – you mentioned you got that statement off a website stating formaldehyde is released in the air when any paraffin wax is burned… it’s a good thing Scentsy WARMS the wax and doesn’t burn it (as a candle would).

    That’s about as much as I can take reading this argument. One paragraph. Bravo for sounding like a total pessimist!

  • S K

    This article has me laughing. We don’t “burn” Scentsy wax, we melt it. The wax doesn’t’ “disappear” and it is made of food grade paraffin wax, yes a petroleum based product, but when you whip out your chapstick or apply your make up, chances are, you are applying petroleum product to your skin.
    Scentsy has a “secret” to their formula, but so does Coca Cola…want to bash them too? Wanting to copy cat their product? Not a chance.
    Scentsy warmers are very safe, they do not explode as callously depicted. Never in the company’s 11 year history, has there been a fire associated with it’s products. Look it up.
    Personally…I think someone probably an angry former Scentsy Consultant. Why else go to such great lengths to discredit a great company? Or just hateful and insistent upon wrongfully bashing a company that does great things for people.
    Check the company out, people. They would pull anything in seconds if they thought it would harm a soul.
    Myself…I am enjoying my Scentsy warmer, have had the same one for 11 years now…only replacing bulbs…not yet exploded..Loving my Yuzu Dragon scent that I am melting and enjoying while reading this stupidly written article.

  • Monika Gray

    Yeah, use the palm oil based candles so more of Indonesia can just burn and all the animals will die just they can plant more palms to make oil for these waxes…. This article is the biggest loads of bollocks I’ve read in a long time (and not saying this just because I do use Scentsy)….

  • deelberger

    Wax is NOT made in Ohio either…author again gets facts wrong…you can’t believe everything you read on the internet…

    • organicslant

      made in Ohio was highlighted by a Scentsy seller that was used…underneath it stated Idaho…so that section was deleted…thx 4 your comment…

  • f off

    when you see someone using the term negative ions just run. This person is making everything up. This is the same type of people that tell you microwaves contaminate food.

  • KeepItSimple

    I have been in their home and all throughout their campus and I can assure you 100% that they do indeed use their own products everyday.

  • Jackie

    This is my info

  • Peg Elliott

    I have asthma and Scentsy does trigger an attack, by Scentsy is not the only one. Almost all fragrances bother me that are artificial. Orange rind also does and that is natural, but an essential oil. No no I will not take a chill pill, I want to breath.

    • Mary K Trower

      Then don’t use it. It’s not for everyone

  • Jeanine Schaefer

    I can’t stand scentsy products! The scents are overwhelming and make it hard for me to breathe. I can tell when people have been in a room with scentsy products, because they reek of it when they leave! I am allergic to formaldehyde and petroleum products, but then that isn’t too uncommon of a reaction. The fact that scentsy uses PETROLEUM products over safer alternatives is a real concern. Scents being released in the air, releases more than harmless “scent” , but ALL the chemicals that make up the scents, and however they may have reacted with the wax as well.

  • Tricia Dobbs

    Can Scentsy be used to make candles?

  • Christine Power

    I just did full test on my pot and melting Scentsy was melts , all my dogs were sneezing like crazy since I received it christmas , blew it off as viral , well now that we unplugged it , allowed the air to clear , sneezing is down ,and our sinus are improving . We are just one family that have done this. And yes I have a severe Asthma daughter and I have it , my asthma has been acting up but blew that off as flu season , as do most people.

    • disqus_x4yP0F1Fcd

      Umm u cant fry it idiot. Scentsy melts it at body temp. Not at the heat of frying pan. Put ur finger in that u burn urself. Put in a warmer of scentsy u dont! I have asthma, allergys, sensitivity to fragrance. N no issues! Some fragrances why ppl allergic to some n not in others is the keynotes in fragrances. Ppl learn chemistry n common sense plz! Oh n scentsy wax dont disappears the scentvfades just like anythingvelse like an essential oil on ur skin will loose scent too

  • Rolo

    Candles (lead free wicks) and melts from PURE soy, using pfthalate free scents blended with essential oils. The scents are not always ‘all natural’ though they are skin safe. I have read that almost none of the soy grown in the US is non-GMO, but these melts and candles are still among your safer options.


    HAHAHA this actually cracks me up. First and far most why argue about it. If you like it, buy it, if you don’t, then don’t. There are some false statements as well as some factual statements. As the saying goes, don’t assume everything is correct on the internet. When you do, you make and ass out of you and me. bahahaha.!!

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  • n64gbachick

    I can’t speak for all the author’s facts, but I have heard self claimed Scentsy consultants both on YouTube and other sites claim that Scentsy is all natural. Here’s a post from 2013 (3 years ago so current time when you posted your statement that they don’t claim to be all natural) where the poster Aivlys88 claims “everything is natural” and that she is a consultant.

    I don’t have another link right now as I was just doing general research on Scentsy and looked at a lot of pages, but my own friend pitched Scentsy to me as being “all natural” which I’m guessing she got from her consultant. I don’t hold it against my friend, but the consultants represent Scentsy. Either Scentsy is telling them to say those things or they don’t know and need to know and put a stop to it.

    According to the Scentsy FAQ they only claim the diffuser fragrance oils are all natural. BUT on my friend’s Scentsy Party Event Facebook page the consultant has Scentsy images posted that state the waxes are non toxic, which I don’t buy now that I know what paraffin wax is.

    I won’t buy Scentsy- or anything- without full research and an ingredient list.

  • kewest80

    If you choose to believe it does nothing, then that is what you will choose to believe…. so happy for YOU that YOU do not have issues. Again, so happy for YOU….. it bothers me, has especially speciific “scents” and I am an EX – SMOKER and Oh, recall, when cigarettes first came out… they were SAFE too. What sucks is people who share this garbage with everyone else…..if you choose to have it in your space/huff it, consume it, snort it, whatever, do so, just don’t share it with me.

  • Melanie

    And that proves…….what? We all can pour our wax into the block it came from

  • Natale R. Michaud

    I just use Partylite. Only essential oils make up the fragrance and warmers do not use light bulbs. Therefore they don’t get hot, only warm to the touch.

  • Miller

    The wax is replaced because the scent is gone, not the wax. The wax can be discarded when it no longer smells like you want it to. The scent is released by warning at low temperature. This article makes claims that are false, but you are free to research it yourself.

  • Reluctant_Poster

    Scentsy is not an honest and open company when people raise safety questions–in other words, instead of being concerned that it hasn’t been proven harmful, I want to see them concerned until it has actually been proven safe. (They’re using both a petroleum base and synthetics according to their own claims.) And I want to see that concern translate into study from actual scientists who are looking at the long term and are in no way beholden to the company. That’s what really matters for people like me who want to buy the product for use in a home or office where the volatile fragrances being put into the air are going to be concentrated in an enclosed space around people for long periods of time. That presents an inherent potential risk that needs to be known. It would be much more interesting to see two or three independent Ph.D. chemists weighing in on the no-combustion / no-risk claim. I’m not sure that even my junior high chemistry lab / sciences / political history / football teacher would buy that. How many products loaded with VOC’s are known carcinogens without ever combusting?

  • disqus_x4yP0F1Fcd

    Scentsy dont evaporate

  • Kate

    Scenery is sold in Europe and in Australia using the same recipes that are used in America. Europe and Australia have stricter laws than America does.

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  • Better than you

    You must only can afford Walmart brand, sorry about that. Good luck hater

  • Reluctant_Poster

    In today’s world, that is a totally fallacious argument that is made up for the sake of marketing (KFC recipe locked in an ultra-safe vault, etc.). An interested party with enough money that wants to duplicate a product can take something like Scentsy and have a lab break it down into its constituents. No problem at all–it’s something that happens all the time. The way that kind of competition is handled is with patents and other legal rights with which the legal beagles at Yum (KFC), etc., will go after imitators with a vengeance. I personally know a guy who was hospitalized after intense exposure to Scentsy but the company was worried about liability and refused even in an emergency to disclose to the treating physicians what is in the product. The fragrance industry in general, and this company in particular, has a serious problem. Fortunately, legislation is being worked on federally that will not allow this to continue. I have no doubt that their industry will spend many millions lobbying against it. They know the score.

  • Sarah Rivera LaLande

    Have a home where the previous occupant was a scentsy consultant. They lived in the home for 4 years and as the property manager the several times I visited the home smelled great always and there was one of these warmers in every room. After they moved the interior of the home was due for painting. This paint job has been a nightmare…. while not visable with the naked eye, the walls are slick to touch and the paint will not adhere. In fact the quality used paint is streaking down the walls and has taken 4 coats to cover and even that coverage is spotty at best. Has there been any studies on this or has anyone else had this experience?

  • randomFLgirl

    I just want to say that beeswax is not a “renewable” resource and should not be promoted as a go to for people to start using in large quantities!!!! It takes one bee almost its entire lifespan to make beeswax and everytime you take from the hive,the bees have less home. So every little bit of beeswax is taking away space for the bees to land on and make their home.

    • organicslant

      excellent point…but humans are only in it for themselves :+(

  • C more

    I rub it on my balls before I get head makes it taste good she said.

  • Kathy

    Very well said. As a former Scentsy consultant still use and trust the products daily. I despise when people who don’t know what they’re talking about try to harm the reputation of a good company

  • Amanda May

    you don’t burn scentsy wax…you melt it, with a 15-25watt lightbulb. So no toxins released into air because nothing is being burned, and no fire hazard (or any more fire hazard than anything else using 15 watts). Unlike candles, where you’re breathing in soot. That goes for ALL candles

  • Amanda May

    it doesn’t matter because you’re not burning it…what part of the wax MELTS is not making sense to you? Scentsy is safer for the environment, air quality and fire hazards than ANY candle or Glade/Airwick Plug in. Buy a scentsy, and you’ll eat your words.

  • Lori Breton

    Wow all so you could sell another product. In your article you mention it’s the same wax that’s used to seal preserve jars ? How is this safe ? I don’t sell scentsy but I do hope you get sued !

  • Roberta Thompson

    Any product that has scent is bad for you, all of it detergent, fabric softener , plug ins all bad. You don’t have to argue about it , look it up research not from the company. Bees wax , vinegar are safe and vinegar will kill any odor. Just simmer for 15 min. Works like charm .

  • Catherine Smith

    Did u skip science class!?