Mushroom clouds forming on the horizon in Ukraine

mushroom-clouds-foring-693w350h(Organic Slant) A video reportedly shows a nuclear weapon detonating in Ukraine amid the ongoing fighting in the country.

A massive explosion in Donetsk Ukraine went off just recently. Some early reports were saying it was nuclear explosion while later reports were stating it was caused by artillery fire or possibly Tochka ballistic missiles. Either way it is a vision from hell!

This Massive Blast was recorded in Donetsk Region of Ukraine 2/8/15.

A cell phone shot the video showing a mushroom cloud emerging from the explosion and the resulting shockwave.

The footage is seemingly consistent with a smaller tactical nuke designed for use on a battlefield in a military situation, as opposed to much larger strategic nukes used to level cities.

The video was filmed by a man inside his house, and the shockwave from the blast broke the window he was filming out of.

Russian media reports the epicenter of the explosion was in the Kuibyshev district of Donetsk, Ukraine, the site of the most intense fighting between rebels who want Eastern Ukraine to join Russia and the Western-backed Ukrainian government.

The media also said the explosion could be seen and felt for “tens of kilometers.”

An image from a NATO satellite revealed a mushroom cloud linked to the explosion, according to Zero Hedge.


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    I haven”t seen this comfirmed elsewhere, but Wahington has been arming Kiev for over a year now. So-called “dirty bombs” maybe coming from KSA? Not sure, but Kiev has been regrouping before mounting another attack. This is far from over.